Genes of Greatness Tours 
 Uniting The Diaspora with Afrika. 
Cultural & Heritage Tours to the Magnificent
 Sierra Leone.
 Genes Of Greatness Package Tours, Presents Gateway of Return
Tours to West Afraka The Untouched Paradise of Sierra Leone.
 Join Us For A Trip of a LifeTime. We welcome Individuals to join us throughout the year January - April and October - December

Genes of Greatness Tours was founded by Khadijah Ward to create the Gateway of Return for the Afrakan diaspora, to unite as Afrakans. Helping you make the connection with your heritage and cultural identity, our aim is return You To Your Genes of Greatness, Show the rainforest green, beauty, elegance, and history of Sierra Leone,  and show-case Sierra Leone as a potential future for you and yours.   Check out our Home-Coming Package Tours 

Scenic view of Paradise
Sierra Leone is still West Africa's secret beach destination. Sweet sands rise from the soft waters of the Atlantic, with the backdrop dressed in sun-stained hues, rainforest green and the red, red roads of the north.
Breath-taking Sunset
Experience the breath-taking sunset and Sierra Leone's most famous beach. Tour The Magic of Sierra Leone with Us
 Genes of Greatness Tours
Experience Inner Peace & Tranquility
Fresh Coconuts, Barbecued lobster & shrimp pulled fresh from the sea,  at one of  the peninsula's most stunning white sandy beaches.  (local & Vegan food also available). 
Majestic Mountains
You will be touring the magic of Sierra Leone.
Trace the Steps of Your Ancestors where they Hid to Avoid Slavery. 
Peninsular Tour
 Cultural visits  
Sea excursions
Taste of local food
Coast,  Islands,
 Main city visits.
Homecoming Package Tour
Do Your DNA Test to find out if you have Sierra Leonean ancestry.  If you do! Contact us to come on your homecoming  ceremony tour and be confirmed  with Sierra Leone Citizenship
Meet The Elders
When Was the Last Time You Sat Around a  Camp Fire Listening to Stories from Sierra Leonian Elders…?
Hear  from Pa Essa, descendent of Bai Bureh, the Hero of the 1898 Rebellion against the British, 

Investment Opps
Tour with us  and find out the business and investment opportunities
this untouched paradise has  to offer.
your package tours:
10-nights Roots & Culture Retreat
 Our prices include,  accommodation, breakfast, lunch,  excursion transport, boat, air-conditioned vehicles, Our certified Tour Guide and on-site activities. 
'Getting to know You' complimentary barbecue on arrival at the resort.
Getting to Know You Barbecue

  • ​You book your flights, we advise you of preferred airlines and we ensure a smooth transition once you land: 
  • ​We organise your visa & collect you from airport to the resort (both ways). 
  • ​We stay with you on our partnership resort.
  • Our experienced certified Tour Guide Will accompany you  around the country on the planned Tours.
Economic Unity
Sierra Leone has an abundance of  fantastic investment opportunities, Let us be the one to expose you to Freedom,  Economic unity & Independence.
Water Falls
Locals enjoy Waterfalls

 Whatsapp us on +44(0)7913363051 to let us know that you would like to stay at our partnership beach resort and tour Salone with us. During the call we will go through the process with you. We look forward to seeing you in Sierra Leone

Khadijah Ward

CEO Genes of Greatness Tours

River No2
 River No2. Where they filmed the Bounty Advert in 1970s. Food, Music, Meet our Salonean business friends and enjoy other activities we have in store for you.
Unity on the Beach
Genes of Greatness Tours in partnership with local businesses in Sierra Leone. Enjoy great weekend activity surrounded by your Afrikan brothers & sistahs.
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