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Sierra Leone, located in West Afrika, welcomes the Afrikan  diaspora to come back to the land of their great ancestors. Through African Ancestry DNA testing people from the diaspora are able to obtain  Sierra Leonean citizenship should their DNA match with one of the many tribes within Sierra Leone borders. Genes of Greatness Tours offers historical packages to tour the magnificence of Sierra Leone with your home coming ceremony.
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annual HomeComing Pilgrimage  Ceremonies are held in April and December
 make the connection with your heritage 
Gateway of return.
Uniting The Diaspora with Afrika. Cultural & Heritage Homecoming Tours to the Magnificent Sierra Leone.

The itinerary includes –lodging with breakfast at our beautiful partnership sea view resort in Kent Nova Afrika housed on four acres.

Also lodgings and breakfast at excursion overnight stays, water taxi transfer to and from Lungi, ticket prices and transportation for all items stated on the itinerary including Monuments and Relic Fee at Bunce Island, Certified Tour guide. Does not include – passport fees, airplane tickets, souvenirs, meals not stated in the itinerary .

Cotton Tree Story...
Home to thousands of freed African slaves who arrived back, settled and stayed here in Sierra Leone. 

If you want to hear the beautiful stories come on tour with Genes of Greatness, trace their steps and feel the spirit of your ancestors.  

At the centre of Freetown Sierra Leone's Capital, stands the 100 feet tall Cotton Tree an iconic monument that appears on the 10,000 Leones banknotes.

 Are you a local? see the glory of your magnificent country? with our package tours for locals.
plus Jet-ski rides!
Sierra Leone is so vast, even some Sierra Leoneans haven't seen all of its magnificence...

That's why Genes of Greatness Tours provides excursions across the country for local Sierra Leoneans from January through to May and September through to December.  

We have different packages to include:  
Western area rural peninsula tour to 
(Krio and areas of the ex-kidnapped people 
your ancestors)
Bunce Island
Makeni Tour
Banana Island
Rogbonkor retreat village with cultural activities and much more! 
Email or call us on the details below for more information. 
Jet-Ski rides on the peninsula coming soon!

" Gateway of Return  Genes Of Greatness Sierra Leone Homecoming Tours, Helping you feel the spirit of your ancestors. Trace their steps "
Khadijah Ward 
Khadijah an Author, Pan-Africanist and Entrepreneur from the United Kingdom
has settled in the MotherLand Sierra Leone.

Khadijah creates products and services to rise up the Afrikan people to to believe in their genes of greatness and ultimately unite and return them to ancestral Greatness! 

She believes in the greatness of the Afrikan people, She has been chosen by the ancestors to take the baton from the righteous Marcus Garvey and return the Afrikan people to the Motherland. 

Genes of Greatness HomeComing Tours is one of her services to unite the Afrikan diaspora with their ancestry, brothers and sisters in Sierra Leone.

HomeComing Ceremony, Sierra Leonean citizenship, Discover the magnificence of Sierra Leone and its beautiful cultures.

Genes of Greatness Tours of Sierra Leone: Boat cruises across the peninsula, historical tours, sandy beaches, main city visits, taste of local foods.

Arrival at the lungi international airport and have a boat transfer to Freetown or local ferry. 
Bunce island: Spiritual tour is to honor our ancestors. Healing and dealing with their final moment on their home soil. Bunce island has been called the most historical site in Africa. And Tassor island.
Rogbonkor retreat village; Rogbonkor retreat village is a village in the northern part of Sierra Leone. Rogbonkor means place in the forest,
where you meet the people who are involved in basket weaving. You will experience culture at it best with the local. 

You will also be taken to the village where your DNA states you are from to meet your tribe. You will receive a warm welcome from the villagers, have a traditional naming ceremony (optional) and have the opportunity to invest in your village.

Kono [Diamond mining area]. The Kono are primarily farmers and in some areas, alluvial diamond miners. They grow rice, cassava, corn, beans, groundnuts, sweet potato, peppers, cassava leaf, greens, potato leaf etc. as their main crops, along with banana, pineapple and plantain, and cash crops such as cocoa, coffee and kola nut. They live in towns and villages and travel daily to their surrounding farm lands to work. Diamond city.
Bo town [ tour of Bo and night life]. Sierra Leone has great night life, you will enjoy!

Tiwai island [wildlife and eco tourism]. Tiwai island is a wild life in the southern part of sierra Leone. Tiwai island belong to the Barri people and they share boundaries with koya chiefdom.

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